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Spark resistant air hoists
22 November, 2023 Harrington has launched the TCE-llB Series spark resistant air hoists.
  • Kito Crosby Unveils New Brand
    Kito Crosby, a global leader of the lifting and securement industry, is proud to announce the launch of its new, unified corporate brand.


Overhead crane regional report: Canada can do
26 September, 2023 Canada’s only neighbour is the United States and too often it is neglected in comparison. But its lifting industry can hold its own against and even penetrate into US markets. Julian Champkin reports.
  • US labour shortages: Hard work finding the staff
    With the US facing labour shortages, supply chain issues and even talk of a recession, several businesses in the overhead crane industry describe what they are doing to help not only their customers, but themselves too. Tony Rock reports.
  • Chicago here we go!
    ProMat is where manufacturing and supply chain professionals discover new trends and tech and what the future holds for their operations.