Adapting Manufacturing for the Future: Modular Crane Systems

16 May 2024

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In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, adaptability is paramount. As facilities strive for efficiency, flexibility, and growth, the choice of equipment becomes increasingly critical. Among the range of solutions, enclosed rail crane and monorail systems offer a blend of versatility and scalability to meet the dynamic demands of modern production and manufacturing environments. Demag KBK modular crane and monorail systems are engineered with foresight and adaptability in mind.

A Flexible, Modular Design

With modular design at its core, Demag KBK crane and monorail systems are built for adaptability and future foresight in mind. Components of these systems ensure future changes and expansions can incorporate the existing setup and be cost effective.  

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of KBK system lies in its bolted and clamped connections, making assembly and disassembly easy. This means that as your manufacturing needs evolve, so too can your infrastructure, without leaving a permanent mark on track components. It is possible to combine different types and sizes of KBK track. Whether you need to connect from a monorail to a crane or increase capacity of an existing system, the KBK system accommodates with ease.

Power the Way Its Required

KBK systems allow you to choose manual or powered motion. Operators using manual operation will notice the smooth, low-resistance motion of bridges and trolleys. As capacity demands grow, choose powered operation with air or electric tractor drives. Additional power supply options include air, electric, or hydraulic festooning, ensuring a reliable energy source regardless of the application's complexity. KBK track can be equipped with an internal busbar, delivering reliable power throughout the system and eliminating festooning.

Tailored Solutions for Every Challenge

Manufacturing environments vary, from standard production floors to rugged indoor or outdoor settings. Whether it's adapting to high humidity, extreme temperatures, or stringent hygiene requirements, the KBK system can be customized to match the environmental demands, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Standard Components

The breadth of standard options is the cornerstone for adaptability of KBK crane and monorail systems. From simple monorail setups to intricate material flow configurations encompassing curves, track switches, turntables, and interlocks, KBK systems offer a comprehensive array of proven solutions. In addition, standardization opens the door for automation, enabling manufacturers to optimize operations and enhance efficiency through intelligent integration of tractor motors, sensors, and PLC programming.

Prioritizing Safety and Comfort

In the pursuit of operational excellence, workplace safety and ergonomics take center stage. KBK systems offer operators a smooth, ergonomic experience characterized by low rolling resistance and articulating design. This not only minimizes physical strain but also maximizes efficiency, ensuring that every task is performed with precision and ease. KBK articulates up to 12 degrees eliminating binding when handling loads on the ends of the bridge.

Integrate Chain Hoists and Balancers Easily

Demag chain hoists and balancers seamlessly integrated into KBK systems. With plug-and-lift functionality and a network of experienced dealers ready to assist, manufacturers can expedite setup and maximize productivity without compromising on quality or reliability.

Adaptability is critical in today’s manufacturing environment. With Demag KBK modular crane and monorail systems, manufacturers can future-proof their operations, navigating change with confidence and efficiency. From flexible configurations to ergonomic excellence, KBK embodies innovation, empowering facilities to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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