Spanguard Corporation - Product Announcement

3 June 2024

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President of Spanguard Corporation, Dan Klasel, is pleased to announce the company’s acquisition of the “Tri-Bar / Four-Bar” product line from Starline Holdings. Klasel stated, “this acquisition rounds-out our product line with lower amperage systems we previously couldn’t offer. With a cross section of only 5 square inches, this compact system can fit in small spaces and provide reliable power to operate aircraft hanger doors, ergonomic workstation cranes, appliance assembly lines and amusement park rides, among others.

The product along with Spanguard was originally designed and manufactured by US Safety Trolley. Both products employ continuous copper conductors to prevent all of the problems with steel or aluminum segmented conductor system.

Dan went on to say, “Our policy of offering a premium product with premium support is more important than ever.  We look forward to serving a whole new group of customers.”